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Things First time home buyers should keep in mind while buying property in Ahmedabad

First-time home buyers are often caught between being delighted and cautious about their significant investment. Buying a home for the first time is unlike any other 'first'; it can be a major milestone in a person's life. But it can be a roller-coaster ride, from finding the perfect location to jumbled paperwork, finding your dream home is just like finding needle in a haystack.

On the other side, Ahmedabad is growing, evolving and transforming into a truly metro city of India and along with this transformation, the real estate prices too are transforming i.e. increasing in accordance with the status of the city. Buying a home is definitely an expensive proposition. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to get oneself aware of the responsibility that comes along with the home buying process. There are many issues to keep in mind and to focus on so that you end up buying the right property at the right time, at the right place and at the right price.


The most important factor in a house-buying choice, especially in a city like Ahmedabad, is the location of the property. Check to see if the property is easily accessible and connected to other important sections of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar by highways, main roads, metro, and the airport. Secondly, the property should be close to important amenities such as hospitals, schools, malls, playgrounds, workplaces, and so on. Try to factor in the area of your work and the time required to commute to and fro from different areas of Ahmedabad. Personal preferences and lifestyle requirements, if your area of work is western part of Ahmedabad then you shall realise that the time required to reach from eastern part of Ahmedabad is much more than areas adjoining to S G Highway.

Construction Quality:

When buying your first home in Ahmedabad, it is extremely important to check the construction quality that the developer is offering. Also, be sure that the materials used are durable and safe. Look for signs of proper construction such as sturdy walls, well-fitted doors and windows, and good finishing touches. A reliable developer ensures your home stands the test of time. If you like a property then invest some time to study the builder and the construction company. Visit their website and look for the past projects they have completed. You may call the projects and speak to the chairman and secretary of those building and get their views on the build quality, builder and his reputation.


Before entering the real estate market, you should be aware of your financial situation. Be extremely clear about your monthly disbursements, ongoing Loan Options, Interest Rates and EMIs, as all of this must be accounted for in your home-buying budget. Don't base your decision just on the price of the property. In addition to the purchase price, there will be other costs such as GST, property tax, registration fees, stamp duty, loan processing fee, brokerage commission, and so on. Consider hiring an advisor or consultant in case you do not understand the intricacies. Everything adds up, therefore you must be prudent with your capital. So, be sure you know your options.

Compare the cumulative price of the property per square feet in different areas and Future development plans in the area. For example if you are planning to buying a home in and around or adjoining areas to SG Highway then do compare at least five areas which has similar access and connectivity to SG Highway. Try to understand the appreciation that each area has gained and how much appreciation each area would get in next five to ten years. There are hidden gems to be discovered like Kasindra just 15 minutes from Prahladnagar is one area that has very affordable property prices and has excellent appreciation quotient attached to it due to all amenities within Kasindra and excellent connectivity to all parts of Ahmedabad. With its strategic location and affordable real estate prices, Kasindra is the perfect place to invest in a smart city with next-class infrastructure. Kasindra offers endless opportunities for growth and success, planned developments like modern residential complexes and commercial centers, whether you're looking for a cozy bungalow or Sky-high apartment, Kasindra has something for everyone. collaborative efforts between residents, local authorities, and businesses, Kasindra is building a vibrant and inclusive community where everyone can thrive.

Life Stage:

This is a crucial element that many first-time homebuyers overlook. As a single person, your search for a smaller house is appropriate; but, if you intend to settle down and establish a family soon, it may not be the best property to invest in. Similarly, there can be other such possibilities that may require your consideration. As a result, it is critical to make a selection with your long-term goals in mind.

By keeping these few things in mind, you will be able to purchase your first-ever home in a hassle-free manner and lead a comfortable lifestyle with your loved ones. Things like communities, local infrastructure, transportation availability and future appreciations.