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How Far is Too Far in Ahmedabad?

Reasons You Should Buy Property in Kasindra

Kasindra!? That's too far! But how far is it? You would scoff if we tell you that Kasindra is actually not that far and it is probably going to be the next development hub soon. But, it's nothing but a fact. Here's how we know it:

Remember when Bopal had a population of 37,635 in the year 2011? Now, it is over 100000. It has increased by a whopping 170% approximately. There are three primary reasons for it.

1. Better connectivity with key areas
  • Bopal's proximity to business areas in Prahladnagar and along the S.G. Highway made it an attractive residential location for professionals working in these areas. It is also a well-connected area through Sardar Patel Ring Road, Ambli Road and the local railway network.
2. Affordable real estate prices
  • The area offers affordable properties to mid-segment buyers.
Replace Old Doors and Address Structural Issues
  • The entry points of your property, such as doors, play a pivotal role in making a first impression. Replace old, worn-out doors with newer, more stylish options to enhance the curb appeal. Additionally, inspect your property for any cracks or other structural damages. Repairing these issues not only improves the visual aspect but also assures potential buyers of the property's soundness.
3. Infrastructure development
  • The completion of drainage facilities, rainwater pipelines, and widening of roads by AUDA (Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority)

Now let's come back to Kasindra.

Connectivity to key areas from Kasindra:
SP Ring Road

The area is well connected to several key routes which makes it easier to commute to several locations. Living in Ahmedabad, it's no secret that Amdavadis often find themselves trapped in frustrating traffic jams during peak hours, which can significantly delay their commute. However, one fortunate aspect for residents of Kasindra is their connection to the Ring Road, an encircling road that plays a crucial role in improving connectivity within Ahmedabad. By leveraging this bypass road, the residents of Kasindra can alleviate their traffic woes and potentially reach their destinations more efficiently, even if the distance may seem long.

Imagine you have to travel to your workplace located in the heart of Ahmedabad during rush hour. Without the advantage of the Ring Road, you would have to navigate through congested city streets and contend with the slow-moving traffic. However, Kasindra is connected to the Ring Road by utilizing the Ring Road, you can bypass much of the inner city congestion, reducing your travel time significantly.

If you see other areas like Vaishnav Devi Circle, Rancharda, Adalaj, Bhadaj, and Manipur these areas are 8kms from the ring road, whereas, Kasindra is just 5kms away. Yet these areas are more expensive when it comes to real estate.

Dholera SIR Smart City Road

Let's not forget about the ambitious project aimed at developing a world-class smart city that passes through Visalpur and Kasindra. The Dholera SIR Smart City Road is a crucial part of the infrastructure plan for the region, facilitating connectivity and accessibility. These roads would likely form a part of the broader transportation network serving the smart city. The presence of a well-connected road network linking Kasindra to Dholera SIR and further to Ahmedabad enables residents of Kasindra to have a more efficient commute. It reduces travel time and provides a smoother transportation experience compared to navigating through congested city streets.

With the improved connectivity provided by the Dholera SIR Smart City Road, residents of Kasindra gain easier access to key areas and landmarks within Ahmedabad. This includes major commercial centres, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, recreational spots, and other important destinations. For example, it takes 20 - 30 minutes to reach Shanti Asiatic School, Shalby Hospital and Iskcon temple via Kasindra highway. It enhances convenience and expands the opportunities for people in Kasindra to engage with various aspects of city life.

Infrastructure Development in Kasindra

The approval of more than 10 Town Planning Schemes in the adjoining areas of Visalpur, Bakrol, and Sanathal Circle holds great potential for the development and growth of Kasindra. As these neighbouring areas undergo development and urbanization, the spillover effect is likely to benefit Kasindra. The implementation of Town Planning Schemes often leads to infrastructure improvements, such as the development of roads, utilities, parks, schools, commercial offices, retail businesses and public facilities. These enhancements enhance the livability and desirability of the area. This is going to boost employment opportunities and improve the quality of education in Kasindra and nearby areas, eliminating the need to travel long distances.

Let's discuss the most important factor that drives all purchases-Money.

Real Estate Prices in Kasindra

Shela, another budding area on the outskirts of Ahmedabad also has a lot to offer. However, Kasindra is a better investment as real estate prices here are lower than in Shela. Especially, Rameshwar's price is just Rs. 3702/- psf. Here's a factual comparison for your better clarity.

Rameshwar's offer: Only Rs. 3702/- PSF

Buying a house in Kasindra is also a smart investment choice. As connectivity and infrastructure in the region increase, the real estate prices go up too. The property rates in Kasindra have witnessed a 1.31% rise in the last year. So, if you make the move quickly, and grab a good deal now, you can witness a soar in price soon. This appreciation of property values over time gives a scope for you to earn passively by reselling the property in a few years.

Prices Elsewhere:
Shela 4500 – 6000 PSF
Bodakdev 6000 – 8000 PSF
Prahladnagar 5000 – 7000 PSF
Bopal 4500 – 6000 PSF

So, if you follow the patterns, Kasindra is soon going to develop into one of the prominent areas. The infrastructure development and connectivity, do not make it so far from the prime areas of the city. You can escape the hustle-bustle of city life and quickly join back in whenever you are ready.